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The Queen of Versailles - The Reluctant Psychoanalyst watches a reality based documentary

The Queen of Versailles is a documentary about a wealthy couple's intent to build the largest dwelling under one roof in the United States.  The house - named Versailles - is being built in a suburb of Orlando on a lake where a number of other luxurious homes have been built.  At the beginning of the movie, in 2008, the economy is humming along, and so is Jackie and David Siegal's business, Westgate resorts, a business that involves selling timeshares to people.  Money is readily available, and their clientele, who appear to be lower middle class folks, are given a hard sell after a free meal - David affectionately refers to them as moochers - and they use credit to buy a week or two a year to vacation at one of the Westgate resorts - the crown jewel of which is in Las Vegas.  Rather than staying in a cramped hotel room on the strip, a family of four can have a suite that allows for separate bedrooms, dining area, and a place to prepare food.  David says that we all want to l…