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The Founder: Ray Kroc’s self-hatred is an American mirror.

In our efforts to catch up with recent movies, we ordered The Founder through Netflix and watched it last night.I had forgotten what it was about, and was intrigued when we popped it in the DVD player to find out more about the emergence of the McDonald’s empire.What could me more all-American and apple pie-like than McDonald’s?Even though McDonald’s has promoted a fast food culture that has had an insidious impact on our health, has contributed to a generation interested in drive through convenience for everything from banking to health care, and has had questionable hiring and employment practices, there was, in my mind, something solid and positive in my mind about McDonald’s and those golden arches – just as there is something wonderful and wholesome about Coca-Cola.  How can Coca-Cola be wonderful and wholesome?  In France the King always drank better wine than the ordinary people.In the United States, we all drink the same thing – and it is lovely – an elixir; and we eat the sam…